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Basically, I spend about $50,000 a year on my education and have since I attended University. I am a member of many elite marketing and business groups. I am friends with many authors so I get my hands on knowledge before anyone else. It is like insider trading only legal.

So what?
Well a great way to really learn something is to apply it but the very best way to learn something is to turn around and teach it. This is where true mastery kicks in. This is part of the reason I am looking for people to teach it too.

So what, again?
If you join the PDR Letters, you will receive a condensed summary of what I have studied all month. This will benefit you greatly by saving you all of the time, travel and money I have spent to acquire this cutting edge knowledge and you will receive it for pennies on the dollar.

Why charge so much?
This is actually dirt cheap compared to what I pay for early access to this knowledge and like my friend Joe says, “If they don’t pay, they don’t pay attention”. I want you to check the mailbox in eager anticipation for your monthly letter. I want you to read it and re-read it and apply what you have learned. I want you to Pay Attention! Also, I am pricing the letters at a price that will discourage many techs because I want to work with the people that believe they are worth the investment.

We will also be having in depth discussions which you can join in or just be a spectator, the decision is yours.

What should I expect?
You should not expect anything, because if I am sharing something you know about already, it isn’t really game changing, is it?

In actuality, you will receive a letter every three months from me by the U.S.P.S. that will have a core concept, elegant idea, a new marketing or business strategy or something of true value.
My goal is to make these letters as brief as possible as I know you are busy. I will try to make them fun and entertaining (no promises here) and I will try to make them simple yet super effective.

I would be thrilled if you thought that these letters were so easy that you almost questioned the value but then look back at the end of each year and realize how much progress you have made. Little pivots can alter your path greatly. One of my favorite quotes is “Little hinges swing big doors”. Each new letter will help you pivot or swing in a new direction which will have exponential impact on your wealth, happiness and business success.

Is there a guaranty? I mean I am still not even sure what I am buying.
The answer: Yes, sort of.
Since this is knowledge and not something that can be returned, it is tougher to guaranty. Also, if you do not apply the content of the letter, it will not help you.

So here is the guaranty:
I guaranty that you will love the letters and never want to stop them! (as long as you read and apply the concepts). Sure I will give you your money back if you don’t see the value, but to prevent the tire kickers or people coming and going, there is a catch. If you are unhappy at any time, I will work with you to make sure you are “getting it” or I will give you a complete refund of your money for the most recent letter purchased. However, once you leave, you cannot come back (EVER! No Exceptions will be made). I will make myself available for any questions or feedback in the Private Facebook Group. That being said, if the group feels that I wrote some real crap, I will fix it and make it right.

~ Dave Streen

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