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SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization, which is a complicated way to I Love Dents SEOsay people will find your website when they “Google” or search for your services. Just having a website without doing proper SEO is like ordering great business cards and then never opening the box. Business cards will not make you any money if you just shove them in your desk drawer. You need to hand them out to everyone you see. This is the same thing with your new website. You need to hustle and get it out to the right people and then it will pay you dividends for years to come! It seems like everyone offers SEO nowadays and they all make big promises. Most do not deliver. We show you results and you can ask any of our clients and they will tell you that our team does what they are supposed to do. A new client that came on board with us this week was paying an absurd amount for SEO through a big company and when we ran the reports and double checked their findings with real life searches, they were not getting very good results at all for their marketing dollars.

Our Basic On-Site or On-Page SEO costs $150/page and we discount for doing multiple pages at once. Our recommendation for Dent Repair Websites is to spend $500-600 when the website is live to rank organic traffic which will jumpstart your organic ranking. We suggest complimenting that with paid ads. We know that everyone’s budget varies so yes, you can start with less or you can start with much more. It depends on how quickly you want results and how competitive your market is to rank in.

I Love Dents SEO

After the initial SEO, there is always more to do, so we suggest picking a monthly budget ($100-400 for most PDR sites). This money will be spent creating SEO driven content and ads.

We will be happy to discuss your needs and desires and your budget and come up with a custom plan designed to make your phone ring with the good customers. We love helping you grow and are tickled to see guys who don’t think they can swing it become able to increase their budget without hardly thinking about it because they like the results and want more of them. We too were at the stage of the game many years ago when marketing was a dilemma of “Can’t afford to do it, but Can’t afford not to.” That it a lousy predicament to be in and it is usually a losing proposition. We like to think of marketing as an ATM machine and not a slot machine. Every dollar in should come right back out and with an extra return.

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